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JCFM Sponsorship Program 2023

We are so grateful for the support of our corporate sponsors, who are committed to supporting the local farmers, craftsmen, and small businesses of the Johnson City Farmers Market. We believe strengthening Johnson City's community outreach through providing a facility that offers healthy local produce and locally produced goods builds a stronger, healthier, and enriched community.

Together, we are helping to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of so many we know. Thanks to the help of our sponsors, the Johnson City Farmers Market continues to fulfill our mission of supporting our neighbors when they seek to feed their families locally grown produce and provide Johnson City residents with a regular community centric event that the whole family can enjoy.

Thank you to our sponsors! 

Interested in becoming a JCFM Sponsor?

Click the button below to learn about the JCFM Sponsorship Program! 

Please email us at for additional information.

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